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Everything we offer is designed around three pillars: upskilling young talent, fostering inclusive innovation and investing in sustainable solutions to create a better future.

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A pioneering event for global unity and youth action for our future. 

YOUNGATM is a first-of-its-kind global youth takeover of the United Nations using VR/XR (mixed reality) technology.

As the United Nations commemorates its 75 anniversary this year, I was inspired to create the YOUNGA Forum to facilitate the largest gathering of today AND tomorrow’s leaders to co-create solutions for a better future.

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To build a better world we need greater connectivity between today and tomorrow’s generation of changemakers.

BridgingTheGap’s free workplace assessment

A future-ready tool
It’s more than just a survey. It’s an opportunity to become future-ready. Analyze the gaps in your business to adapt and thrive in the future of work. Most important, we’ll provide you with a customized report identifying company culture, employee perception, job satisfaction, turnover rates and the best retention strategies. The BridgingTheGap Workplace Assessment is now available.

innovation tour

world-class forums
We’ve run national tours to connect business and innovation leaders with the next generation through a series of events. Our Executive Forum is an industry training and networking event to help bridge opportunity gaps in the workplace to reduce inequalities, adapt to digital transformation, and recruit and retain the next generation of talent. Our award-winning Youth Innovation Mastermind then connects executive mentors with emerging talent to build their careers, scale ventures and co-create solutions to the challenges they’re facing. Learn more about our programming and save your seat at our next forum!

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When you invest in your future through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world.

MyEffect's App

Discover, track and share your impact
Connect with partners—nonprofits, brands and influencers—to take action for your cause and track everyone’s impact—this app will help you do it. Because creating a better future, one measurable action at a time, means having the power to improve global communities. Curious? Download our free (and amazing) app.

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