The Power of YOUth

What if you could be your own boss and make
a meaningful impact?
What if you could rise above your circumstances to create a better future for yourself and your peers?

The Power of Youth book contains 200 examples of how young leaders are doing this and MORE!


ChangeLeaders® Stories


Countries Represented

26 Million

Collectively Raised For Charity

What to expect

The Power of Youth book cover
The Power of YOUth is divided into eight sections:


Empowering Those in Need


Pursuing Your Passions


Saving the Planet


Inventing Our Future


Changing Our World


Finding Strength and Identity


Bridging the Gender Gap


Improving Education for All

Filled with 200 inspirational stories...

The Power of YOUth introduces young readers to key problems around the world through the lens of their peers and encourages them to pursue their own passions to enact change. Gain access to peer advice from young people worldwide—from combating climate change and advocating for human rights to inventing game-changing technologies and working toward a cure for cancer.

Read stories about defeat and triumph, genius discoveries and entrepreneurial journeys from youth from 59 countries.

The Power of YOUth was born from celebrating the impact of young leaders and spotlighting the stories of those who are leading change.

Author Reading

I can bring the stories and positive message of The Power of YOUth into your school with a live keynote presentation.

Using my personal story, along with the experiences from ChangeLeaders® in The Power of YOUth, my talk will empower students to gain their confidence as leaders, explore global peer perspectives and become career-ready.

Your package would include: A keynote or assembly presentation, an interactive Q&A session, an optional photo opportunity with students and faculty as well as a signed copy of The Power of YOUth for your school library.

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Read stories about youth who fight for change through actions like advocating for mandatory GMO labelling, treating cancer with synthetic genes and inventing a pair of glasses that restore the sense of sight to those with visual impairments.
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A final note

I created The Power of Youth to serve as a reminder that the future is bright when left in the hands of YOUth. I hope that this book helps youth discover their own potential to succeed. I want youth to know that, despite the circumstances, they are capable of overcoming their challenges and shaping their own future.