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Now Reaching 41 Million Young Changemakers Worldwide

“I aim to bridge access and education barriers for underrepresented talent and the next generation so that they are empowered to contribute, shape, and participate in the emerging digital world.”
– Kelly Lovell

Kelly is an Global Sustainability Leader, Youth Mobilizer and Top 100 Women of the Future As Seen In…

Bloomberg Business
Hello Magazine

My Story

It’s my 1st year of high school, and life is going just as I’d planned. I have incredible grades, am beloved by teachers, and am involved in (seriously) every extracurricular possible. My perfectionism is paying off and my future looks undeniably bright…

Then I get sick.

I was always the girl who had a plan for everything, but nothing could prepare me for spending three years on strict bedrest in the hospital. Nothing could prepare me for being forced to give up my dreams for the future. It was in this darkness that I found my ‘spark’.

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Future Skills
Future-focused, youth-relevant and on-demand content—blending inclusive education and entertainment—distributed over web browser, mobile and TV apps.
Global Youth Impact
The largest global festival for impact using mixed reality to unite young people with decision-makers to co-create solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable world.
Expert Speaker
Bring expert insights on future skills, youth-led innovation and impact strategies to your stage.
Brand Services
BridgingTheGap curates content, agency and audience for influential talent and global brands—giving them a platform to connect with young people to drive meaningful results.
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Preparing millions of young people
for the future of work.
Reaching 18 million changemakers under 30,
across 150+ countries.
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an Impactful
Amplifying unity and inclusion
for the web3 future.
YOUNGA is now the largest global
festival for impact,
with over 5,000
youth delegates.
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Global Speaker…
Kelly has spoken at
Tedx, Cannes Lions,
three UN Forums and was
a G7 & W20 Expert Consultant
(to name a few)…
Bridge to a
Kelly has spoken at
Tedx, Cannes Lions,
three UN Forums and was
a G7 & W20 Expert Consultant
(to name a few)…
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