Kelly Lovell is an acclaimed Youth Mobilizer and Social Entrepreneur sought out for her expertise in bridging the gap between youth and business. A true believer in the potential of young leaders, Kelly’s work focuses on bringing a voice to today’s generation and creating pathways for youth job prosperity and innovation.

Whether if it’s working with governments to create better job opportunities and entrepreneurship support for young innovators, voicing the needs of Millennial workers to executive leaders, or building tools that help students track the skills they develop through volunteering, Kelly Lovell is determined to create opportunities for YOUth to thrive.

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  • Kelly Lovell with Her Majesty the Queen of England
    Kelly Lovell with David BeckhamKelly Lovell at the OscarsKelly Lovell with Her Majesty the Queen of England

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Kelly Lovell with Young Leaders

Watch Kelly's latest TEDxTalk!

We all have ideas and ambitions, but what does it take to really make things happen?

Drawing from her experience as a young entrepreneur, Lovell discusses how the journey to make big things happen is never easy, nor a straight path. However, by mastering the “ChangeLeader – Formula” – the right mix of determination and self-awareness – life can provide you with amazing opportunities.

“A really thought provoking talk. If you are a teen this is a talk for you to watch and learn from.” – TEDxStMary