With women only holding 14% of the top leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, the pressure to conform to corporate standards is high. How can women find success while staying true to who they are when they are still making 85% of what men make for the same job?  What we don’t often realize is that at the heart of every successful venture is a passionate determination that transcends expectations. As a young entrepreneur who incorporated her own company at 19-years-old, Kelly Lovell especially understands pressures facing women. Now running five company portfolios, including a media company and big data tech startup, Kelly is ready to share her insight for aspiring women leaders.


In this talk, you will discover time management strategies designed to maintain a healthy work-life balance, learn how to respond to workplace prejudice, and uncover opportunities to accelerate your leadership and professional development.  

Key Takeaways

Learn how to respond to industry prejudice with good humour and grace

Discuss what girls and young professionals admire in their female role models

Uncover opportunities to accelerate your leadership and professional development


  • The Future of Business
  • Millennial Employee Engagement
  • Girls in STEM