Inspire self-esteem and ambition among girls

As the CEO of a data software company, the owner of two technology patents and a having a background in biomedical science, Kelly Lovell understands the pressure for girls in STEM to conform to social standards.
Mastering long division before she could handwrite and devouring every science kit she could get her hands on, Kelly Lovell has always been a STEM girl at heart.

Despite her evident passion for science and math, Kelly often felt out of place with her exuberant personality, love for fashion and media interests.

Innovation requires the courage to be different.

From her bright pink lab coat to her bold hair accessories, Kelly’s personal style is unconventional in STEM circles; but, they are an integral part of who she is. In this presentation Kelly shares her journey of discovery and the importance of girls to embrace their true selves in pursuit of their STEM passions.

Key Takeaways

Provide a powerful message for girls to embrace their STEM passions.

Inspire girls to engage in self- reflection and discover their path.

Help girls find confidence to speak their mind and become leaders.


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