The digital revolution has changed business in many ways. One shift that isn’t yet readily embraced, however, is how digitalization affects employee engagement. How is increased connectivity and information access changing workplace communication? What do these change mean for the future of business?

By digging deeper into the topics of technology and social media, this presentation/workshop explores how these trends are changing the next generation’s workplace expectations, what these changes mean for your business, and how you can get your business prepared for the future.

Key Takeaways

Learn the new requirements and challenges relating to the digital workspace, and how digital transformation is changing employee mentality.

Explore what the digital world of work looks and the role of emerging technologies such as IoT, digital platforms, mobile, cloud computing and AI.

Tech-savvy and social, see how the digital transformation process is affecting businesses in their efforts to recruit and retain the future workforce.


  • The Future of Business
  • Generation Z Explained
  • Millennial Employee Engagement
  • Women in Business