We all have ideas and ambitions, but what does it take to really make things happen?

Kelly Lovell started off as a teen with big ideas but no clear path on how to start. Despite the initial confusion, Kelly grew into a 15-time award-winning entrepreneur who was invited to speak at the United Nations, interview celebrities at the Oscars, and meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, all while staying true to herself and her goals.

Drawing from her experience as a young entrepreneur, Lovell discusses how the journey to make big things happen is never easy, nor a straight path. However, by master the “ChangeLeader Formula” – the right mix of determination and self-awareness – life can provide you with some amazing opportunities.

An award-winning presentation, The ChangeLeader Formula has be shared with thousands of aspiring leaders and was featured in Kelly's 3rd TEDx talk for TED Ed.

Kelly Lovell at TEDx 2017

Key Takeaways

Inspire audiences to realize their power to shape their future and make big things happen.

Learn to develop confidence and tenacity to overcome hurdles in pursuit of one's ambitions

Explore the necessity of self-care and how to maintain balance with a fast-paced and dynamic career.


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