Kelly’s message is authentic and inspires students through relatable peer experiences.

As a Youth Mobilizer, entrepreneur, and speaker, Kelly Lovell has dedicated her life to creating opportunities for YOUth to thrive. She has represented the voice of youth on global leadership platforms, met with business leaders and executives, and been enlisted to speak with powerful global leaders, the United Nations, and the Royal Family.
Kelly’s message is authentic and inspires students through relatable peer experiences.
Kelly started off as a teen with big ideas but no clear understanding of how or where to start. Over the next four years,Kelly is no stranger to the pressures of excelling as a teen. Given her history of bullying, struggles with mental health, and navigating the corporate world as a young entrepreneur, Kelly’s story will resonate with students on many levels.Kelly grew from a confused teenager trying to make sense of her place in the world into a 15-time award-winning entrepreneur that shares policy recommendations with G20 world leaders, interviews celebrities at the Oscars, and meets Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace!
Whether you are looking to empower the student voice, encourage youth to become active citizens, or explore career paths in entrepreneurship, STEM and social innovation, Kelly’s keynote presentations and workshops are guaranteed to energize and inspire.

Kelly with Students

Watch Kelly's latest TEDxTalk!

We all have ideas and ambitions, but what does it take to really make things happen?

Drawing from her experience as a young entrepreneur, Lovell discusses how the journey to make big things happen is never easy, nor a straight path. However, by mastering the “ChangeLeader – Formula” – the right mix of determination and self-awareness – life can bring you some amazing opportunities.

“A really thought provoking talk. If you are a teen this is a talk for you to watch and learn from.” – TEDxStMary

What YOUth are saying

  • “This year I invited Kelly to come and address over 850 students at our TEDxStMaryCSSchool event. I expected an amazing talk, but what I got was so much more. Kelly blew the audience of grades 7-12 students away with her uplifting and powerful message on the true power of YOUth. She showed the students that the possibilities are endless if you work hard and believe in yourself. Kelly is a dynamic, exciting and energetic speaker who instantly draws the audience in with her words and her genuine demeanor. In the end students who heard her talk told me that they “felt excited by the possibilities” and “Kelly’s talk made me believe that I can do anything if I believe in me”. The way in which Kelly connects to her audience is amazing and her message will reach people of all ages making them believe that the possibilities are endless.”

    TED Ed logo
    – Craig Zimmer, TED-Ed Innovative Educator
  • “Kelly’s energy and smile is contagious, and her passion shined through in every portion of her talk. She was able to catch the attention of over 400 students and motivate them to pursue leadership, volunteer and socially conscious roles in their community! Her story was simply amazing, and it was a pleasure meeting her! I can’t wait to see what Kelly will be up to next!

    Gordoan Graydon Memorial School
    Razan Samara, Gordon Graydon Memorial School
  • Kelly is a motivating and engaging speaker who delivers her message in a heartfelt way. She inspires countless students to follow their dreams.

    Franklin Elementary School
    Dan Enns, Vice Principal, Franklin Elementary School
  • You [Kelly] spoke with passion and direction. I think that many high school students can relate the passion you speak with, however, not many understand how to direct that passion. You engaged them with your passion, then opened up new “directions” that they could go with their passions. In addition, I love that the message you sent came at a time in life when most people are ultra-consumed by the busy schedule they have. The post-secondary school years can make us more narcisitic if we aren’t careful, and you have shown my students that it is completely possible to do well in school and contribute to a better world at the same time. So thank you for the passion, direction and practical insight that you gave my students yesterday. It
    truly was inspirational!

    Huron Heights Secondary School
    Aaron Holmes, Outreach Teacher, Huron Heights Secondary School
  • Kelly…. it was a pleasure having you come into my senior business class at Huron Heights. They found you to be very articulate and well spoken. They commented on your enthusiasm and in making others the best they can possibly be. It was evident that you are totally engaged in making others the best they can possibly be.

    Huron Heights Secondary School
    Sheila Weidinger, Leadership Teacher, Huron Heights Secondary School
  • Kelly’s enthusiasm to share her experiences was palpable and our (emerging) entrepreneurs left her talk with a better sense of the hard work and great rewards that entrepreneurs can achieve.

    3 Day Start Up
    Nelson Igunma, Co-Founder, 3-Day Start Up
  • “We reached out to Kelly in hopes that her motivating words would help inspire more youth to take an active role in the protection and enhancement of their local environment. She did not disappoint! Kelly spoke from the heart – her message of believing in oneself and striving for positive change resonated with the youth. Thank you Kelly for being an integral part of our event!”

    Evergreen School Students
    Jill Kelly, Project Manager, Evergreen School Students
  • “Kelly Lovell’s well researched insight into engaging millennials was informative as well as encouraging and is extremely valuable in helping us all bridge generational gaps to work toward a more sustainable future.”

    City Of Abbotsford
    Patricia Ross, Deputy Mayor, City of Abbotsford
  • Hi, Kelly… On behalf of the peer marketers’ group, please accept our sincere thanks for your thoughtful and thought-inspiring discussion with us yesterday. At the end-of-day wrap-up, everyone agreed your presentation was the best. Not only did you help us better understand our challenge but you left us with some real nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to face that challenge – and make it an opportunity. Thanks for being attentive to our needs and understanding of our limits. I look forward to working with you again soon to make our youth and Millennial marketing authentic and effective!

    Your Neighborhood Credit Union
    – Kate, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union,
  • Kelly Lovell was an integral part of the AIR MILES for Business Small Business Achievement Awards event. She extended the reach of our pre-show buzz over her social media channels and, at the event, took part in a very insightful discussion on engaging millennials – a topic that is on the minds of many of today’s small business owners. She is very professional and knows the value of having a strong personal brand. Kelly was a pleasure to work with!

    Air Miles
    – Air Miles for Business Team
  • Your (Kelly’s) presentation style is very poised and your message captures the attention of the room best of the morning’s speakers in my opinion – I enjoyed hearing the gasp and chuckles when you joked that millennials are now entering their thirties and are basically old news 😉 your POV is refreshing and it was great to hear it first hand.

    – Navin, Principal PM Microsoft
  • “I just wanted to thank you once again for coming out to the Provincials this weekend. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I know everyone there enjoyed hearing you speak. You touched a lot of people and everyone I spoke to said they loved competing in your cases (the ad campaign and FMM) as well. I hope you come out to future DECA events – you are an incredible speaker and the delegates really benefit from seeing a young person, like yourself, who is so successful and so passionate. It inspires them to dream big and take chances, and to follow their passions in a world where, as you said it best, you will hear a lot of “No’s” and it can sometimes be very discouraging.”

    DECA U Ontario
    Zoe Sebastian, VP Marketing, DECA U