Set to make up 75% of the workforce in less than 10 years, and with an annual spending power of $200 billion, there is no question the youth market is a powerful demographic. 

Globally recognized for her youth expertise and influence, Kelly Lovell’s channels provide you with authentic insight and connections to your target demographic. She is ranked among the top 0.1% of online influencers on the topics of entrepreneurship; leadership; innovation; and youth (Klout) was named Top Millennial Influencer in Entrepreneurship, 2016 (Linkedin) Linkedin; and is connected to elite youth leadership networks around the world.

Whether you are seeking an authentic youth ambassador, an opportunity to interact with youth influencers, or expertise in the area of Millennial employee engagement and retention, Kelly Lovell has a global reputation for bridging the gap for YOUth.

Start bridging the gap to Millennials & GenZ.

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As Canada’s foremost agency for connecting with Millennial and Generation Z markets, Lovell Corporation bridges the gap between youth and industry to foster job prosperity, social innovation, and corporate citizenship.

Lovell Corporation is an award-winning firm that offers a diverse portfolio of digital media, consulting, and technology solutions that help clients create meaningful connections with today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. Featuring five specialized brand portfolios, Lovell Corporation’s diverse approach to youth interaction emphasizes positivity, individual growth, and advocacy to help industry stakeholders engage young professionals and market influencers in an authentic way.

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  • Dynamic, Intelligent, Inspiring, Passionate … just a few words I would use to describe this progressive woman. Her ideas for empowering youth, engaging communities, and designing corporate sponsorships to help youth fill a growing need of community action toward environmental and social sustainability is exciting and do-able. What a great talent we have in Canada in Kelly. – Tim, Managing Partner, PeerPoint Consulting

    Peer Point
    Tim Scott, Managing Partner, Peerpoint Consulting
  • “She [Kelly] has already been a great advocate for youth, giving us feedback and helping us develop our communications so they better respond to youth needs and interests. Kelly has demonstrated keen enthusiasm and willingness to take on an idea with vim and vigor! Her track record has shown her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities.”

    Volunteer Action Centre
    Diane, Director of Community Engagement, Volunteer Action Centre
  • “Kelly Lovell’s well researched insight into engaging millennials was informative as well as encouraging and is extremely valuable in helping us all bridge generational gaps to work toward a more sustainable future.”

    City Of Abbotsford
    Patricia Ross, Deputy Mayor, City of Abbotsford
  • Hi, Kelly… On behalf of the peer marketers’ group, please accept our sincere thanks for your thoughtful and thought-inspiring discussion with us yesterday. At the end-of-day wrap-up, everyone agreed your presentation was the best. Not only did you help us better understand our challenge but you left us with some real nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to face that challenge – and make it an opportunity. Thanks for being attentive to our needs and understanding of our limits. I look forward to working with you again soon to make our youth and Millennial marketing authentic and effective!

    Your Neighborhood Credit Union
    – Kate, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union,
  • Kelly Lovell was an integral part of the AIR MILES for Business Small Business Achievement Awards event. She extended the reach of our pre-show buzz over her social media channels and, at the event, took part in a very insightful discussion on engaging millennials – a topic that is on the minds of many of today’s small business owners. She is very professional and knows the value of having a strong personal brand. Kelly was a pleasure to work with!

    Air Miles
    – Air Miles for Business Team
  • Your (Kelly’s) presentation style is very poised and your message captures the attention of the room best of the morning’s speakers in my opinion – I enjoyed hearing the gasp and chuckles when you joked that millennials are now entering their thirties and are basically old news 😉 your POV is refreshing and it was great to hear it first hand.

    – Navin, Principal PM Microsoft
  • “Kelly knows and understands that goal setting is important for success. She has long term and short term goals that are flexible enough to consider life changes. She doesn’t hesitate to pursue activities that lead to positive steps toward a goal.”

    City of Cambridge
    Donna Reid, Councillor, City of Cambridge
  • Kelly, I got goosebumps at one point, and I am an adult. Passion and vision are essential for meaningful life – as essential as love, kindness and authenticity. My feeling is that you embody all of these. Thank you. You are helping to build a better future and present.

    Council of Canadians
    Aldous, Published Author, Council of Canadians
  • Kelly, you were sensational on my show on FOX! Everyone was so impressed with your style and great presence. Hope to see you come back soon!

    FOX News
    – Ernie Anastos, FOX News, Emmy-Award Winning News Anchor
  • We wanted to follow up to thank Kelly for visiting the Fall program last weekend. Kelly’s enthusiasm to share her experiences was palpable and our emerging (entrepreneurs) left her talk with a better sense of the hard work and great rewards that entrepreneurs can achieve.

    3 Day Start Up
    – Nelson Igunma, 3 Day Start-Up